lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

That fucking cheap sunglasses!

That fucking cheap sunglasses!, originalmente cargada por davidarnoldi.
Rainy day after a glorious performance of P-BROTHERS at Nikki Beach Marrakech. Some shopping to finish the day isn't  bad. Isn't It?

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jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

DJ Coyu

 Good vibrations during the photo shoot with this young DJ / Producer fromBarcelona. see you soon in Ibiza ;-)

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009


Colectivo de electrónica en directo integrado por los músicos y productores 
Patrick etruchelli y Paco Escudero.
Desde el 2006 componen y producen en su estudio de Barcelona el material que posteriormente desarrollan en sus live sets y performances.
Sus shows  combinan instrumentos acústicos y eléctricos (trompeta, piano, teclados, bajo, guitarra, voces) con controladores, samplers y ordenadores manipulados en directo.
Tracks originales y mixes de jazz van desde el chill, hasta el up tempo, deep house, break beat y electrónica dance floor.
Para el 2010, P-BROTHERS lanza su próximo release en formato álbum.
Muy recomendable pasar por aquí:

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martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Patrick Petruchelli Composer & Producer

Patrick Petruchelli, born in Montevideo Uruguay, Composer, producer, jazz musician and sound engineer, has produced 8 full length albums and a countless number of singles under different aliases. His career as a talented musician, producer and performer is blowing up after more than 20 years dedicated full time to his real passion. Her latest album out in 2006 called CANDOMBE WORKS & MELOMAN GROOVES was released in Spain by Blanco y Negro, in Argentina by Random Records and then in France and Germany through MBB Music Bank Germany although his albums have been also released in USA, Canada, UK and Uruguay. Patrick is also guitarist, bass player, keyboard arranger & programmer. The material he produced in his own studios(Track studios,Sweet home Studios) from 1998 became reality in the form of the album “Generation Noct”, an album including electronic jazz, candombe and electronic tango released by Forced Records in Uruguay in 2000. After that album was the time for “Candombe for Robots” released in Canada and USA by MRP Music Group in 2002 and after that came a very popular remix for the artist Noel Nanton (“Candombe Lobo”) and then the album “Candombe Works” 2005/2006 one of the best works by Monsieur Petruchelli until the date. In 2006 the turn came up for “Meloman Grooves” released in Spain by Blanco y Negro Music and “New Old Mambos” MAMBO LOUNGE released in Uruguay & Argentina by Diablito Records. As a music scorer for films and TV commercials Patrick Petruchelli has been producing stuff for companies like Toyota (P.Rico, USA, Japan), TNT Atlanta, Warner (USA), Chevrolet, DirectTV, Domino’s, Clariol,etc. He also produced the OST of the latest Bigas Luna film called “Yo Soy La Juani” (Spain, 2007) doing also commercial for publicity agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi (USA / P.Rico),BBDO,JW. Thompson, Grey, Slogan, Mc Ann Erickson, Lowe, etc. Being from Uruguay but based in Barcelona, Patrick met Willy Sanjuan and both started producing under the PUNCH EXCITERS name project that have been developing during the last 1 & half year playing live at both clubs and festivals and planning an album release for Dec. 2007. Hidden in the studio day and night producing with PUNCH EXCITERS as well as doing works for hire doing productions for other DJS that want to break up in the scene. He also performs in private parties with his standalone show with laptop, live instruments and dj sets. BUSY Man !!
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